One promotion strategy can get you more readers, drive people to your book

Cross promote with other authors to give your book more exposure, it can pay off..and create a bond with fellow authors for future promotions.

This is for a one week promotional and it works best if you have 14 authors in your group. Identify authors who have audiences or readers similar as yours whose books are in your genre.  You can go to and plug in the name of your book to see which other books are similar to yours, or check Amazon’s “Also Bought “suggestions. Before inviting the other authors decide the common theme for the event.

 Be clear about expectations. Let everyone know what you’d like each person to do. It’s best to put everything on Google docs so people can access this and have all links and responsibilities tabulated down. Everyone should share links on their social media pages each day of the promotion, not just the day it’s being hosted on their own website. Cross-promoting only works if everyone helps. There’s strength in numbers.

If you are the lead organizer send out reminders as things draw nearer. Keep them short and to the point. Be respectful of others’ time. Three weeks before, two weeks before, and the day before are a good time frame. Send out daily emails the morning of the event with the link to that day’s highlighted article and composed social media updates for people to copy and paste if pressed for time.

 During the week, do this:

  • Contribute content to each other’s blogs or ezines.
  • Do joint webinars, podcast, and promote through affiliate programs.
  • Link to each other’s sites. This helps build SEO.

Now with Facebook Live do a joint FB Live session with your partners.

  • Do reviews of each other’s books
  • Participate in virtual blog tours with these authors as well as book bloggers.
  • Get a list of Christian Book Bloggers below delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Promote each other on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Dedicate a page on Pinterest for the event and have each author do the same.

You should have an email list (if you don’t, find out how to build your list here, ) and so should the other authors you are promoting with. Each author should email his/ her list. This works best if you reduce the price of your book—say from $4.99 to $1.99. The idea is to not only sell books but get yourself exposure with the readers of other authors.

If the book prices are reduced be sure to advertise.

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