Marketing Mindset to Boost Your Book Success

Let’s look at marketing, especially the online kind.

Now that you have a book, or a digital product what should you do? marketing is like a foul word to many people. But this is wrong. Marketing is giving people what they need.

Also some get stuck even in creation process because they are afraid. My recommendation? Change your mindset. Looking at everything as an experiment and this will free you from a certain amount of fear. And marketing is trial and error. we are in a constant world of change and improvement so don;t get stuck in the mentality that everything lasts forever.Business is not about perfection, and that’s what your authoring is–it’s a business. And business is about getting it done, instead of getting it perfect. Unless you want it to just be art –a book you want to get printed and then sits on your Amazon shelf. Or a digital product nobody ever sees. The thing is to get something out there and then adapt it. Get your Minimum Viable Product done. (Click here to find out how to get your minimum digital product created. VIDEO TRAINING COMING SOON!)

So how do you get the book out there…out in the hands of real people?

Your strategy depends on the type of book you have. Fiction works a little different from non-fiction. And split testings sometimes helps you hone in on your strategy. If you are in fiction the main thing is to write in a genre people already want t read, so be sure you scout about different sites to see what already sells. I speak from experience when i tried to create my own genre. then I found that people want the familiar. Also, books for children and teens are harder to get out because laws prohibit you from selling to children. You can try to reach the caregivers,–parents, and teachers–but the kids must also want o read the books.

For the age group which is less than 18, i suggest you target the caregivers on Facebook. Parents, educators, librarians, and even nannies.

If you have books for adults, target other authors in your genre who have a big enough audience and Facebook. Choose the “people who have liked” these pages in “audience  insights.”

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Personally i think that’s easier for non-fiction authors. because you can use your platform to create:

  1. Blogs–which you can drive people to, and also create content upgrades and lead magnets so people can opt in and you can continue to inspire and educate them on your subject matter of expertise
  2. you can create Youtube videos related to the topic and drive people from there (Youtube videos get high rankings on Google searches since Google owns Youtube,) to your website and our book pages.
  3. You can sue the subject matter and have Facebook live videos which FB now will push out to the world at large at no cost to you. And you can repurpose this content (cut them up into smaller chunks) and use to tweet, create Insta stories, and even on your website, and emails.)

If you don’t know how to set up a Youtube account and post videos there, you can check out my step by step videos here.(These are not ready yet–get on my list and I will email you when these are ready! Also if you want me to answer any questions or handle any issues, leave a comment below and let me know. I may feature your questions.)

I realize this isn’t a step by step kind of post but I wanted to stress on the marketing mindset and getting you into the habit of getting things done, first, and getting it out there, and not be afraid to market your products.





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