List Building Tips For The Savvy Book Marketer

5 Steps to Easily Collect Subscribers 

(It’s all Free!)

As promised I’d like to talk about how you can collect email addresses (and names, too–although some marketers say it’s best to just ask for email addresses because the more information you require the less likely a person will opt-in) so you can build a relationship with your audience and scale up.

Of course, there is the typical paid advertising of which Facebook is your best bet. You’d have to learn and know quite a bit about Facebook pixels and retargeting to get your audience just right otherwise you’d be wasting your money since you will be competing with those savvy marketers who understand Facebook inside out. The good thing about FB is that they are constantly changing so every few months the playing field is leveled and you won’t be too far behind the pros as long as you are willing to invest in learning. (At the end of the day this is what separates the winners from the losers—the desire to keep learning. I will do some videos to motivate you on this, and a quick tip s that always remember it’s not about you. It’s about what what you can offer to the world., to make it a better place—seriously.)

I will have a few walk throughs—over the shoulder type—videos that will show you how to set up your Facebook pixels on your website (WordPress is always best) and also what to look for when targeting and retargeting your market.

For now, without having to spend a bunch of money here are a few free accounts to get you started in your list building strategy. (We will discuss lead magnet and content upgrade creation, which are all part of your list building strategy in another post. I will also do some video tutorials on email marketing and list building.) As you learn more and start to see some income coming in I’d recommend you upgrade to some other services which I have used, but for now these below will suffice.

Sumo me is great for email collection. With Google algorithm changes (how Google ranks and rates your site) it’s best to avoid their “mat’, but the “exit pop-up”, and the “scroll bar” is good. Another free tool which is also good to try is the “hello bar”. You can click here to get to it.

Mailchimp gives you free email delivery for the first 2000 subscribers and you can use it to deliver your lead magnet 9sometimes called reader magnet, which means books.) I find Mailchimp has two issues—they insist on a double opt in confirmation and most subscribers don’t confirm which means they don’t get your lead magnet. Also, you can’t create an auto responder but have to rely on broadcasts—which means you cannot have a ready-made series of emails for your subscribers.

Benchmark (another email provider) allows auto-responders free for the first 2000 so you may want to try them.

Another service “Zapier” allows you to connect different services. I will have a tutorial on how you can use Zapier to connect your Sumome to Mailchimp or Benchmark. (I am trying out Drip for now, although I have been using Convertkit, which has a bit of a learning curve.

Get your sumome account

Create a Mailchimp Free Account (A)

Create a Zapier Free Account  (B)

Create a Benchmark Free Account  (C )

Connect your accounts using the API keys for each (A) (B) and (C) (Click here for the walkthrough –NOT READY YET__PLEASE COME BACK .)

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