Customer Avatar and how to write one for your book business

By now you may or may not know what a customer avatar is. In case you don't that's okay. It's a technical term. Your customer avatar is your ideal customer. That one person you wish would be your fan, your ideal reader, your amazing customer who cannot get enough from you.

As an author (or any business owner) you want to think about who your ideal reader or customer avatar is--is it a teen girl? An 11-year old boy? A lonely 22-year old young lady? Is it a mom with a new baby? A busy thirty-year old entrepreneur male who drinks too much coffee and has ulcers? 

Regardless of who it is and what business you are are in it's crucial you know who you are talking to because not knowing would mean that your copy, your ad, your book even will be all over the place. naturally what appeals to a middle-aged balding golfer would be different from a romantic young woman about tog et married. And it goes a little bit more than that.

The more details you go into when writing out your avatar the better your end product will be. So to help you get started these are questions you want to look into. Be as specific in answering these questions. It's always  the details that make the difference! And writing up your customer avatar may seem pedantic but it will help you understand who you are targeting, and this will help you in your promotional copy, your sales letter, you emails and subject lines and more.

Avatar sheet:






Political affiliations/ inclinations

Magazines read/ reading

Social status

Income range

Associations joined, are in,

Street/ state/country he lives in

How long has he lived there?

Own a car? What is it? How long has he had it?

Social media preferred

Education level

Religious inclination

Marital status

Circle of friends

Course/s he has taken





Journey in the process of (related to what he wants at this point)

Pain and frustrations

Best friend, and what best friend tells him/her (The advice he gets. This could be things he reads)

What has he tried before, and what success/ failure did he achieve? How far along did he get?

Psychological state with regards to what he wants/cannot get.

If you need to download and print this you can go here: ​​​​

I hope you find this useful and leave any comments you might have about Avatars (not the movie!) and any questions you may have when preparing your ideal customer/ reader sheet. (Leave your comments below.)

What is your avatar? What every author should know before writing a book. #John316author

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