Create a Custom Website with a Blog in 30 minutes

There are many ways to create a blog and also a website. For the fool proof under 5 minute way, you can read my post here:
But if you want something that can grow with your business you might want to try a WordPress site, although this mean you’d have to get hosting every month. This could host about $5 a month.
Or another way is to get a website builder like WIx.

It would be too long a tutorial to write down all the steps here to create a Wix website which may or may not include a blog. In fact with their different free themes and plugins you can add a blog later, or add it now to the website, and then remove the blog option altogether. Customize it any which way you want.

In less than the 30 minutes I will show you how I created my Wix website ( from scratch. It may take you a few minutes longer but if you follow the tutorial (maybe have it on your iPad, and follow along) you can get a website up and running for just$5 a month with all the features of a professional site.

Watch the video tutorial below and leave comments.

If you want me to make more of such videos or have suggestions leave a comment.
You can also watch more how to, step by step lessons on other author business related videos on my Youtube channel here.

I hope you benefit from the videos. 



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