Why your book marketing efforts should include a book trailer

We’re not talking about Hollywood quality trailers, naturally. This is no


trailer but you want to get a feel of what your book presents. And that’s what a trailer does—build excitement and gives your readers a taste of what the book holds. It shouldn’t’ tell the entire story. The trailer helps you decide whether or not you want to invest the time and money in what is being presented—whether you want to make some popcorn, curl up and enjoy the show, or move on.


(I paid someone $75 for this one above as opposed to $800 by COS Productions to do the second one–check it out below.)

Book Trailers Lend Credibility

You have thrown countless hours writing, editing, designing, rewriting, surfing the internet, and going without sleep, to bring your book into life. Your book is your baby. You have something important to say and your well-produced book trailer entices the world so they want to read your work.

Book Trailers Should Capture the Heart of Your Book

Your book trailer should emotionally connect with the viewer and convey the essence of your book. When someone buys your book after seeing the trailer, they shouldn’t be surprised by what they read. Your book trailer is a small but important extension of that. Be sure the finished trailer is intrinsically connected to the content and/or feel of your book.

Book Trailers Are a Valuable Tool for Promotion

Your trailer could be posted everywhere, on your webpage, your YouTube and every social media platforms.  You can even include it in your press kit, and share it with other author pages to generate interest in your book.  To find out where to post your book trailer videos, click here.

Book Trailers Cost Money…But Are Worth it

There was a time you’d have to pay about $640 or more for a book trailer, (I pad over a thousand for my fist one—big mistake!) but things have changed. These days you can D.I.Y.. Use any of these tools, each will not cost you more than $20—not bad right?

Another way is to go to Fiverr and look for book trailer creators. (I actually have a play book for all the best vendors on Fiverr!)

Quick Tip:

When searching Fiverr (unless you’re a pro at using them,) always make sure your search is set with your filter on “Average Customer Review”. That way you can see how the vendor rates and choose one who has a reasonable rating.

Your Book Trailer Represents You so make sure you check typos and grammar if you should use one of those white board trailers.  And don’t make it too long. Fifteen to twenty seconds is plenty. People have limited focus these days, and you’re not doing a movie, just a gist of what your book presents.

If you should work with someone to produce you one, get someone you trust. I hired a company the first time I did this, and I’ll let you see the results (click here) compared to the second one when I hired someone $75 to do it (click here.) Was one better than the other? Not really.

Also, you'll notice I hardly marketed the Youtube links. I did this when I first got started so I've learned quite a bit since then. (I will do a course on how to market your Youtube channel another time.)

Some More Tips

Insist on high quality audio and visual. Research free or low-cost resources. Use public domain music for the background music like freesoundtrackmusic.com. There are lots of sites out there, you just have to wade through them and find what works best for you!

Repost it regularly on your Facebook page for new followers. And include this on your Amazon Author Central page. As an indie author marketing yourself, your book trailer will give you that added edge over other Indie books. Also down the road when and if you want to use Facebook advertising, book trailers can be used.

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