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Launching a Book on Amazon these days isn’t like how it was a few years back. It’s a LOT tougher. More books, more authors, and because ebooks live forever, and author do re-launch older books, you’d have to compete with those older books too.

So what’s the best way to launch your new book?

You’d need to have all your ducks lined up, so to speak. Below are the steps.  

If you would like to download the book launch success checklist for easy reference, please click here.


It’s best to get your act together 3 months before you launch your book.

The minute you have the edited manuscript cleaned contact your list of reviewers and send them the book. (Be sure you have your street team ready. To create one, click here to find out how. This process can take about 2-3 months.) To easily harvest Amazon reviewer contact info check out this software--click here. It will help you find the right reviewer for you genre so you can write them to get reviews.

Then it’s time to make your website and all social media pages ready.

This includes all Amazon related effects: Author site, Look Inside feature, linking blogs and social media to Author Central, and Goodreads author page is set up (Don’t bother with Shelfari at this point—it’s not so useful—they might be better later.)

Additionally, you can also contact LibraryThing and see if you can do a giveaway with them as well. If you have a physical book (print copy) you can also do a giveaway with Goodreads. Another place to help get new readers and also reviews is, Readers’ Favorite. You can also get editorial reviewers with Reader’s Favorite, and you can use these reviews for the front matter of your book, as well as for your website and also Amazon page.

Don’t buy reviews but you can give away a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Check out the respectable Midwest Book Review:

Here are more places you can check out for this:

Another way is to reach out to reviewers who have reviewed books similar to the genre you have written. Here is Amazon’s top 1000 reviewers:

It may seem tedious to go through the list and get the emails but the alternative is to get a software that can actually do this:

Another way is to get a book similar to yours on Amazon and see the sidebar which says, Customers who bought this also bought this. Click on the book and go through their reviewer list. Again it’s tedious but this will ensure you get the kind of reviewer who would appreciate your book. For instance, if you find a person who posts a one star for every single book they review do you want them to read and review your book?

The last option to find a review is to form a consortium of authors in your genre and read and review each others’ books. One caveat, be sure you are not connected on Facebook because the bots tend to scour the web world and if you are connected in some form, (through emails, or website, perhaps?) they will render the review you get no matter how honest, as a collusion. They are bots so they can’t really decipher a true review from a fake one. This is not the best way but it can help you get started with the first ten reviews. After that it is best to get your reviews organically because they=n you can use these reviewers later to retarget for advertising and so forth. Also, I speak from past experience when Amazon took away twenty of my reviews because these were people I’d met on Facebook etc. Ouch!

I stress so much on reviews because when you launch you’d want to have at least ten reviews on your Amazon page. Potential readers who come to your book page want to see what others have to say. Otherwise it’s like going to a restaurant with no other patron. No matter how good the food, customers get nervous if they are the only ones in the restaurant, right? Same with a book.

Once you have your Amazon page ready, be sure to join the Kindle Select program. If only for the first three months. Why? Because you can set your new book for free and this promotion will give your new book a boost. Amazon’s algorithm favors new books. So if you can drive more people to your book, and garner more sales, the organic boost will help the amazon algorithm to boost your book and recommend it to others. Nothing beats this for giving your book a leg up in sales.

And the algorithm looks out for a slow climb. So you do not want your book sales to spike suddenly. It’s better if you have a slower strategy:

  1. First week email your subscribers (fans) and ask them to buy the book at 99c (sale price).
  2. Set the book for free in the second week and boost download by getting some free and paid ads. (Check the list of free places to promote your free book.)
  3. Do a blog tour in the third week—this will again boost your book’s visibility and hopefully if your books have received some traction in terms of sales and added more reviews this will also add a boost to your sales which the algorithm will not miss.
  4. In the 4th week, you must have already have two groups of people to rely on:
  5. your launch team who will now promote to their subscribers
  6. Do a contest—like a Kingsumo giveaway or a Rafflecopter. Run the giveaway or contest only for a week, and reach out to everyone you know, and give this only a one-week deadline, so it will be intense.

The idea with splitting the launch into four weeks is because we want the sales to get up there but not in a sharp manner. A slow ascent is best.

Additional steps needed to ensure a successful book launch:

Have your print book ready as well. Upload this onto Amazon the week of your launch. Print books have more page counts than ebooks so this will give your readers a more accurate page count—in your favor. Readers want to know they are reading a meaty novel. Not a skimpy novella—unless that’s what they want and that’s what you have to offer.

Make sure you get Universal URL for your book so when you launch each potential reader can access the book regardless of the continent they are in. This is where you can get a Universal URL: Click here. You can also get a Universal URL with Draft2Digital, which I highly recommend.

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