How to verify your website and link to your youtube

When you have your Youtube channel ready you will want to connect it to your website so you can add cards that can redirect visitors back to your website. Also, it’s good practice to link the accounts for Google authorship and once your YouTube account is linked to your website it also has a better chance of ranking better on Google searches.

To do this, first follow the “verify”,ink on the Youtube account page. Below are the first two steps YouTube gives:

To associate your website with your channel:
1.Account verify
2. Add an associated website–for me I would add to the EmmaRightTV youtube account.

Then you will be given a link that you need to place on your site . It will look something like this:
google-site-verification: google3a8cafdf44c5fc58.html

Upload this to your site. There are two methods to do this.
The steps from the Google site using the html are as follows:
Recommended: HTML file upload
Upload an HTML file to your site.
1. Download this HTML verification file. [google3a8cafdf44c5fc58.html] 2. Upload the file to
3. Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser.
4. Click Verify below.
To stay verified, don’t remove the HTML file, even after verification succeeds.

The other ways aside from the html tag are :

Domain name provider
Sign in to your domain name provider.
Google Analytics
Use your Google Analytics account.
Google Tag Manager
Use your Google Tag Manager account.

Hope this helps.
As of a few weeks back YouTube has changed the requirements for website verification and they only allow you to add cards that link back to your website once you have had 10,000 views for you channels. Which of course means that new channels have lost this ability. However if you have had some cards already on your channel that will remain.
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