Your Author YouTube Page Can Get You More Fans

How youtube can be your loudspeaker

Get more fans with an author youtube channel

As an author, whether you write fiction or non fiction, it is important to have a YouTube channel. For exposure to more eyeballs, for credibility, for people to see you demonstrating your expertise, and for gaining more fans and loyalty…and overall establishing goodwill.

As a fiction author your YouTube channel is where you will post your book trailers and where you can also build your brand awareness and have some sort of Vlog ( a video blog) that allows your fans to see you. You can hold writing sessions so your fans can see how you work, or even post short clips when you do book tours or speak at a library, or bookstore. Or even post short videos of you on your travel. Remember in this web age people more than ever crave to connect with other humans.

I understand if you are an introvert like me and don’t appreciate being in front of the camera (yikes!)…but start slow and you’d be surprised by how much you can get done. You ay still not enjoy it but it wouldn’t feel so intimidating after awhile.

When I started out with my YouTube channel I only had 10 subscribers, and even though I don’t boast of thousands now (I really started to gear up about 3 months back) I can see that the subscriber list has grown even though I have done little except consistently upload a video once a week.

Slow and steady, and consistency, can get you to win this YouTube race.

If you write any non fiction I cannot stress enough about the importance of a YouTube channel to build your reader base. And what you can upload.

Needless to say if you write how-to’s a YouTube channel is your face to the world.

Before you start setting up your channel be sure you have ready on hand the elements that you need to make up your channel.

First you must have a lead magnet (also called a freebie, or a reader magnet) that people want and which they can opt in for free to claim.

If you want the checklist of the items you need to get ready before you start your YouTube channel, click here—see this is my freebie to you. (And yours can be just as useful and relevant.)

With the lead magnet you can grow your reader data base.  

You need to have this offer link on your YouTube page and it needs to be upfront and center so people can get something from you and you can communicate with them. (They shouldn’t have to search all over your YouTube page for this. So it almost needs to be the first link they see right below your video on your YouTube page.)

Each time you upload your tutorial or video you can email your subscribers and continue to build this relationship. And this can convert to thousands of potential readers and clients.

It may take a while but it’s a slow but steady way to grow your base.

Does it mean you have to have a new lead magnet each time you have a YouTube video?

That would be nice but unnecessary. I am sure if you are writing a book, there would b material you have ready on hand that you may not have used for the book, you can sue these. Just be relevant to your video. If you write for the health niche then something appropriate for the video you are doing and don’t send them a checklist on what to take on the plane to pacify your infant, for instance.

Also your lead magnet doesn’t have to take long to create—checklists, guides in bullet form, top 10 sort of things are really popular.

I try to create my lead magnets in one sitting so I have them ready when I do my next post, or tutorial.

Also, be sure to have a series of emails ready and uploaded in your auto responder. You offer them the freebie in the first email, but subsequently trickle down useful information in your emails to continue to build your relationship. (In my free email tutorial I suggest some ideas on what to say to your subscribers.)

Research has shown that a person needs to have at least 7 touch points with you before they become more aware of you and be more inclined to buy from you. Whether it be your book or your program or course. And be sure to have more emails at the beginning because that’s when they most expect to hear from you.

And just as you should consistently have an email out to them once a week, you also need to have a video out once a week to show that you are serious about his space.

Not sure how to start your YouTube channel?

Watch this 15-minute tutorial on my YouTube Channel and collect your checklist to get started (Click here). The tutorial is in 2 parts. This is part 1.

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