Doing this before you advertise can increase your readership

So you have your book ready what? You got your website ready but...oh, visitors visit?

How do you get readers to your site, explore your content and discover your book?

There are a few ways:

1. Write one blog post a day and post on your site. But let me forewarn you...there are over 350 million blogs.

2. Write articles and post them on ezines—we’ll touch on this in another post.

3. Write for bloggers--except that each one probably would want an original article, which means you’d have to spend your days writing two to three original pieces of copy a day. Even then you’d have to be sure you post in the appropriate blog sites with enough traffics…otherwise you’ll hear….crickets…maybe not even that.

4. In my opinion the fastest and most efficient way is to advertise. But trust me, I’ve gone down this path and you’d better be sure the advertisers you choose have the right sort of traffic, and have a responsive readership.

Get a list of advertisers I’d recommend. (Sign up below.) I have tried many of these.

A word of advice.

Before you dump some cash into these sites, be sure your website is ready to capture emails and you have a lead magnet, otherwise also called a reader magnet if you’re offering a book of some sort. This way when readers come to your site they will more likely leave you their email. You can contact them and let them know about your future books, offerings, or special deals. This will also help build rapport.

When I had my book Dead Dreams advertised on Book Bub I had thousands of downloads but alas I knew nothing about book marketing and wasted the opportunity to reach out to these readers. I’d sent the readers directly to my Amazon book page. (Which is normal) except there was nothing in my ebook at the time that could direct people to my site. So here are the steps:

1. Make sure you have a reader magnet (an offer that excites your reader--it could be an article, a report, a checklist, or even a few chapters from your book) in the front matter and the same offer in the back cover of the book you are advertising.

2. Readers can only download this offer when they click on the link which brings them to your website which will have an opt in box and the offer.

3. Have an auto responder (like Mailchimp, or Aweber) to deliver the reader magnet. (You can watch my tutorial on Mailchimp here.)

4. Write 4-5 emails and have this uploaded in your auto responder system so after your lead magnet is already delivered there will be other emails that will get to your readers—I will walk you through this in another post. The idea is that you want to build a relationship with your readers and visitors to your site. This is called "warming them up."

You may be wondering what you could possibly be writing to these readers. There are a few ways to approach this. If you write non-fiction, it will be different than if you have fiction. (If you sign up for any of the lead magnets you will get an email tutorial series that explains some of the ideas in marketing, and also I touch on what you can write to your readers depending on your genre.)

So, we’ll talk this over in two different posts.

All for now.

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