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This site serves to help wanna-be authors, bloggers and business owners in two ways. Also, once you are on our private list (no spam, complete privacy) I will email you with tips and guide you along your book and online business.

For business owners, this site will help you-- anyone desiring to improve their online platform or new to the publishing world-- to create, write and publish their first book which will help propel their professional and business status. Also, it will give you the know-how in a step by step manner the intricacies of conducting an online business, showing the mindset, the how-to's and the "what's" of building an online business.

For authors, this site will help you learn the details needed to successfully become an authorpreneur and also to use your existing content and blog to create and launch a viable and profitable business...slowly. This is not a quick get rich plan but with careful education and implementation you can build a business that can give you passive income for years to come, and for which you can pass on to your family.

For new authors and wanna-be published authors, this site will take you by the hand and show you the pitfalls and what to look out for when getting your first book published. The steps are not hard. They do however require some time investment, but Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say, and if you want to write more than just one book (and you probably will, once you get started) the skills you learn will serve you well.

And who's going to do all this teaching and sharing?

Insert Hello video--my story about why I started this.

Here's a little about moi:

Award winning copywriter and author Emma Right helps authors and bloggers discover and create businesses by leveraging their existing content so they can earn revenue and make an impact with their expertise and skills. She also helps small business owners write and publish their first book so they can use this as a marketing tool and as a calling card that showcases and validates their expertise.

In addition to her ebusiness coaching Emma Right is also a multiple award winning and Amazon bestselling fiction books. She is also active in her homeschooling community having homeschooled her children for the last twenty years. Her first love will always be writing fiction. And her second, helping others reach their potential and their dreams.

Emma Right.